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The 3rd race the 2nd day was shortened

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In the 3rd race at the second day of racing the wind faded out and the race had to be shortened.  It was blowing about 4 m/s at the start, but after one lap the race officer decided to shortened the race. 

The change in the wind conditions also made changes in the result list.  The Estonian boats all droped to the second half of the list.  EST 499 Premium was the best Estonian boat on 8th place, followed by Technonicol on 9th and Forte on 13th.  Also FIN 45 Nicole 4 with helmsman Riku Nissilä made their worsted race so far with 14th place. 

Thomas Oksmo at NOR 50 X-Effect managed the change in the conditions and won the race, with the Danish boat “Prinsesse Tordenskrald” on a well sailed second place.  Then followed 5 other Norwegian teams. Terje Wang and team Gran seil made his 3rd 3rd place, Dag Usterud at Tarpon came in 4th, Team Glade moro at 5th, Etoile (NOR 36) 6th and Starfish (NOR 39) at 7th place.

At the overall list the Estonian teams Technonicol and Forte still held on to the lead. The best Norwegian boat Tarpon with Dag Usterud at 3rd place has twice as high score than Mati Sepp at the leading boat. There is a three point gap between 2nd and 3rd, between 3rd and 4th and between 4th and 5th place.  And there is still 2 more days of racing to go.

The weather forecast for Friday looks good. Sunny with moderate breeze, 6 m/s steady wind from south-southwest. Typical wind for good sailing conditions at the coast of Arendal. So there is probably more fun to come. 

And those of you staying in Arendal who is not sailing and wants to watch the event.  Meet at the race office at Clarion Tyholmen Hotel at 1000 on Friday and 1100 on Saturday and we will bring you to the race course.

For more details on todays racing, se the Results X-41 WC.

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