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Kategori: Europe World Championship 2015 av den 20. July 2014


Accommodation in walking distance to the race village are:

  • Sailors Camp at Hove for tents, campers and vans (see map below)
  • Hove Leirsenter offers barracks and cabins for small and large groups at hostel comfort. The map below shows which houses that are available for Open Week and World Campionship. Call +4737085221 or e-mail  post(a)hoveleirsenter.no for booking or more information.
    PS! You can’t order only one room in a barrack/cabin, you have to rent a house. So please go together and make an early booking!
  • Arendal Yacht Club has reserved 3 barracks during Open Week.  Untill 9th of June or untill it is sold out it will be posible to book a room with four beds in barracks with simple standard.
  • Hove Camping has 23 cabins for rent with 3, 5 and one with 7 beds.
  • Arendal Herregaard offers hotellrooms and cabins (information in norwegian)

For more choices and information about accommodation in/close to Arendal see: http://www.arendal.com/en/Accommodation/






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