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EST 615 Technonicol World Champions

Kategori: APL Race Week 2010 - X41 WC av den 6. August 2010 0 Comments

Mati Sepp takes the World Championship before last day and last race of sailing.  13 points after 7 counting races and 2 discards is impressive. 5 wins, good and consistent sailing has brought EST 615 Technonicol way ahead of the rest of the competitors.  With the series of 1-1-(6)-1-1-(9)-5-3-1, Technonicol and Mati Sepp has been in the lead throughout the whole Championship.

Now, the battle is for the  silver and the bronze medals. NOR 9 Lexington, who protested on OSC in the 7th race, is now on 2nd place after getting RDG-1. Thomas Føyen and his crew are 3 points ahead of Dag Usterud (NOR 40 Tarpon) and Jaak Jögi EST 475 Forte.  Also Riku Nissilä in FIN 45 has a fear change of a medal. Thomas Oksmo in NOR 50 has two wins, but has spilt his changes for medals with three 10th places.

Our local team and sponsor BW Offshore with Star sailer Petter Mørland Pedersen as helmsman is fighting for a 8th place with NOR 39 Starfish and NOR 38 Team Glade Moro.

After 3 days with nice winds and good sailing conditions the Championship is close to its end. One more battle, and the medals can be handed out and it will be all over for now.


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