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The last battle – with the Champs as spectators

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Saturday, last day of sailing and one race to go.  Mati Sepp and his crew at EST 615 Technonicol, were already World Champions and didn’t have to race.  They were watching the race from the spectator boat.  All the other boats were out there racing. But most of all, this was the battle for the silver and bronze medals.  NOR 9 Lexington, NOR 40 Tarpon, EST 475 Forte and Fin 45 Nicole all had chances and were aiming for medals.

The wind was blowing from east at 3-4 m/s. It was a long course, and it was the final race. NOR 40 Tarpon and FIN 45 Nicole made a good start.  Dag Usterud sailed towards the coastline to avoid heading  the costal current. And he seemed to succeed being first at the top mark, but:  He tacked to early, then still tried to make the mark, but got caught in a wind still, had to struggle with the current, and lost. Tarpon had to make a jib, turn around to get enough speed for the top mark. Making the mark as one of the last boats.  Even though Dag Usterud and Tarpon did well from here on, they ended at 7th place. The medal chances were spoiled at the first top mark. Tarpon ended 5th overall.

The other three with medal chances all sail well in the last and 10th race, and got the three top places. FIN 45 Nicole, which was at 7th place overall after 7 races, won the last race.  And with the impressive finish 1 – 2 – 1 in the last three races, they ended as silver medalist in the Championship.  NOR 9 Lexington ended 2nd in the last race and thought they were 2nd overall as well.  But that was before the jury reopened the protesthearing and changed it back to OSC in the 7th race for NOR 9.  A big disappointment for the Lexington team, which ended at the frustrating 4th place overall.

EST 475 Forte, who started so well at the Championship, ended 3rd in the final race and 3rd overall. Tied with the Finish guys, but with no wins.

But thè TEAM, of all teams this championship, was the team that didn’t even have to race the last day. EST 615 Tecnonicol did some remarkable sailing and won the World championship 11 point ahead of silver and bronze. We’re really impressed and we congratulate you all. And to our local sailor Jarle, who probably never will forget this event, we’re proud of you and we congratulate you as World Champion as well.

Well it has been a memorable week, with great sailing, excellent conditions and with lots of good atmosphere. Its been great fun. We really enjoyed having you all and we hope all you sailors had a great time too.  And, we wish you welcome back – some day!

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